Historical Dictionary of the Etruscans. .

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  • South Italian — is a designation for ancient Greek pottery fabricated in Magna Graecia largely during the Fourth Century B.C. The fact that Greek Southern Italy produced its own red figure pottery as early as the end of the fifth century B.C. was first… …   Wikipedia

  • Etruria, Staffordshire — infobox UK place country = England official name = Etruria latitude = 53.0189 longitude = 2.1994 population = unitary england = Stoke on Trent lieutenancy england = Staffordshire region = West Midlands constituency westminster= Stoke on Trent… …   Wikipedia

  • SOUTH ETRURIA —    The area of Etruria bounded by the Tiber River to the southeast and east and the Albegna Valley to the northwest. It contained the five cities of Veii, Caere, Tarquinia, Vulci, and Orvieto. The term is also employed more restrictedly for the… …   Historical Dictionary of the Etruscans

  • Etruria Works — The Etruria Works was a ceramics factory opened by Josiah Wedgwood in 1769 in a district of Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England, which he named Etruria. Wedgwood had previously based his business in the nearby town of Burslem at the Ivy House… …   Wikipedia

  • NORTH ETRURIA —    The region of Etruria bounded by the Apennines and the Arno River to the north, the Tiber River to the east, and the Albegna Valley and Monte Amiata to the south. It contains the major cities of Arezzo, Fiesole, Volterra, Vetulonia, Roselle,… …   Historical Dictionary of the Etruscans

  • RIVERS, ETRURIA —    The longest river relating to Etruria is the Tiber River to the south, followed by the Arno, to the north, and then by the Ombrone in the center, part of the Maremma. When coupled with seasonal patterns of rainfall and the porosity of some of… …   Historical Dictionary of the Etruscans

  • GEOLOGY —    The geological framework of ancient Etruria had an important constraining effect on the political framework in which the Etruscans developed. A first key structural feature of Etruria is the presence of the Apennines, which contain Etruria,… …   Historical Dictionary of the Etruscans

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