The period of full urbanization and/or state formation and the height of power of the Etruscans between approximately 580 and 400 BC. Artistically, the term archaic period acknowledges a parallelism to the Greek world and implies a process of Hellenization, although more detailed analysis shows more distinctive features, particularly in the north of Etruria around Chiusi. It is the phase when the human form became more prominent and it is in the area of architectural terracottas and bronze production that Etruria is particularly distinctive and productive. The following sites are important settlements of Archaic date: Alberoro, Artimino, Asciano, Badia, Bagni di Stigliano, Bagnolo S. Vito, Bagnoregio, Banditella, Barano, Bibbona, Bisenzio, Blera, Bolsena, Bomarzo, Casalone, Castellaro, Castel Giuliano, Castellina in Chianti, Castelnuovo di Berardenga, Castro, Celleno, Cetamura di Chianti, Cetona, Chianciano, Chianti, Chiusi, Civita del Fosso di Arlena, Civita di Grotte di Castro, Corchiano, Cortona, Ferrone, Fiesole, Foce del Marangone (La Castellina), Foiano, Fondaccio-Casale Marcello, Gallese, Grotta Porciosa, Gualdo Tadino, Gubbio, Impiano, Lignano, Lucus Feroniae, Luni sul Mignone, Monte Cetona, Monte Cimino, Montefiascone, Monte Lupoli, Monte Piombone, Montepulciano, Monterado, Monte Sant’Angelo, Monte Soriano, Montescudaio, Montetosto and Montetosto Alto, Musarna, Narce, Nazzano Romano, Nepi, Norchia, Orte, Pantanelle, Perugia, Piana di Stigliano, Pian della Conserva, Pian Miano/Monte Casoli, Pian Sultano, Piantorena, Pisa, Pisciarelli, Poggio Civitella, Poggio dell’Ellera, Poggio di Sermugnano, Regisvilla, Rocca Sberna, Rota, San Giuliano, Sarteano, Sovana, Talamone, Torre Valdaliga, Vacchereccia, Veii, Vierle (Londa) Casa al Nespolo, Vignanello, Vitorchiano, Vulci.
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Historical Dictionary of the Etruscans. .

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